SwitchCraft is an excavator-built gravity style trail located at The Keppoch in Antigonish County, Nova Scotia. The trail features 23 berms and a delicious helping of rollers you can roll or jump. The trail is fast, flowy and fun.

Since the jumps are all built of slack rollers, it really opens up the trail usage to anyone comfortable going fast in the dirt on big turns and juicy rollers.

The trail starts off by splitting from Chicken Cougar in to some really tasty quick jumps and berms which literally shoot you in to a couple woods based turns, across a trail, through a couple more berms which are more to control speed before entering the woods. As you do, there’s a harty roller in to two nice step down features.

Next you are out on the hill taking aim at some more honkin’ huge turns that will have your guts in your throat if you’re going fast. Around a tight bend, there’s a jump as you transition in to the woods in to “the ridge” through some great rollers, berms and quick elevation losses. This trail is situated above some of the more beautiful and open sections of MoneyShot as well. With multple riders in the woods, this trail will really give you that bike park feeling.

Like a rocket, you ride the final berm on the ridge and out in to two gnarly switchbacks. Now you’re front and center for people on the pump track to check out as you rail some more berms, pump some speed out of a roller and hit a really nice and slack roller gap in to a Giant Slalom style berm.

Out on the hill you’re rolling a couple more juicy berms and jumps right to the pump track area.

Check out the video below to see a real play by play featuring our Master of Bermology: Devon.