We don't build mountain bike trails and pump tracks because we want to. We build mountain bike trails and pump tracks because we need to. This is our life's passion.

We're a team of riders and racers that have seen what is possible when a community embraces active living through bike skills parks.

We know that communities thrive when they have the right places and spaces and we're proud to be the people that towns and cities trust to mould those into high-quality mountain bike trails and pump tracks.

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We are a unique organization with 20+ years developing websites and community platforms. Over the years we’ve worked with amazing partners and online communities specifically the bike and dirtbike industry. Our mission has always been to use technology to connect people with nature and a physically active lifestyle.

Our digital arm is called Shoreline Consulting and we are thrilled to be able to extend our physical offerings by creating exciting media and website platforms to promote them. We’re part of the team that has built www.mtbatlantic.com as well as the original www.ecmtb.com. Currently we maintain active partnerships with amazing businesses and community organizations such as Bike Monkey, Beta Canada and NSORRA.

Our goal is to extend our partnerships on the ground by helping get more people to parks and trails using digital marketing as the tool. Not only does Shoreline Dirtworks help build amazing mountain bike trails and pump tracks, but we help promote amazing experiences to the people who need to know about them.

Whether we’ve done your building or not, you need people there and you need it properly promoted.

  • Content Creation (photo/video + editing)

  • Social Media (strategy, education and management)

  • Website Design and Development

  • Community Creation